Robert Downey Jr. Gave 50 Kids (& The Internet) The BEST Gift For His Birthday

rdjPhoto: via Facebook.
To celebrate his 49th birthday yesterday, Robert Downey Jr. treated a group of very lucky kids to a screening of the new Marvel movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This just furthers our theory that RDJ is morphing into a real-life Iron Man. There's no doubt that the 50 children he entertained believe he is a walking bionic deity. Just look at their rapt expressions in the photo Downey posted on his Facebook page (appropriately captioned, "Let the partaaaaay begin!!!").
According to a now well-circulated story, the actor also surprised Jamie Foxx's 5-year-old daughter on her birthday. She told all her friends she knew Tony Stark, and he'd be there, and after a little nudging from Foxx Sr., Downey indeed appeared in full glory, bucketful of Iron Man toys in hand. How can you hate on that? You can't. (Hypable)

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