Adam Levine & Keira Knightley Begin Again In New Trailer

We loved the musical movie Once for its realistic, tune-filled story of two musicians falling in love. So we're certain that we'll also love Begin Again, the latest from Once's writer/director John Carney.
This time, instead of an unknown Irish couple making music together in Dublin, Keira Knightley jams with Mark Ruffalo and CeeLo Green in New York City, while her ex-boyfriend (a rockstar, natch) is played by the very bearded Adam Levine. Those hoping for a glimpse of Taylor Swift will be disappointed, unfortunately. Though a track of hers and this twee flick share the same name, it's Levine and CeeLo who bring the pop to the table. Knightley sings a ditty, too, which, when all is said and done, sounds pretty nice.
It's a real bummer Levine and his beard had to go dump and her, but where would the movie be without that drama? Plus, Begin Again looks like it houses the new hipster 500 Days of Summer IKEA trend: recording music in public places. How ironic and totally against the man, man.

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