Hilary Duff Goes Platinum With New Record Deal

duff_embedPhoto: via @HilaryDuff.
Let's go back, back to the beginning, when Hilary Duff and her musical career were aligned. It was 2003 and Metamorphosis was Duff's shiny new record. Her cherubic voice sang songs of coming clean, working things out, and inner strength. Like the sugar rush from Fun Dip, Duff's pop was uplifting, but a tad manic.
She soon kicked those bubbly tunes to the curb in favor of writhing around in pearls, sampling Depeche Mode, and requesting people to reach out and touch faith her. (Twerking, however, was not a part of this former Disney star's agenda.)
Those days are, like her hit single, "So Yesterday." Idolator reports that Duff's slated to make an EDM-heavy return after seven dreary years away from the music biz. And, in honor of what will surely be a chart-topping album, she dyed her hair platinum. Just like the whole long-hair-don't-care trend, the latest mantra to meditate on is the blonder, the better. Perhaps all that peroxide will inspire a new track. (Idolator)

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