James Franco Has Maladies, LiLo's Not One Of 'Em

James Franco did not have sexual relations with that woman. And by that woman we mean Miss Lindsay Lohan.
Despite the now-infamous bedroom conquest list penned by the Mean Girls star, Franco claims his inclusion is a fallacy. The comeback kid "told lies about me with her people-she's-slept-with list," Franco says in a new interview with Los Angeles Magazine.
As Franco-philes, we're relieved. However, this being James Franco, it's entirely possible he's playing some meta-level game. After all, the actor/author/artist/intellect channels much of his energy into gigs that blur the line between the real James Franco and the fantasy James Franco.
Take Maladies for example. Written and directed by single-named multimedia artist and Franco collaborator Carter, the new film has James Franco playing James Franco in the 1960s as a struggling soap star trying to get his career back in order. But, as the clip below shows, his character is caught in the schism between fantasy and reality. It's, you know, a really deep, literary, and emotionally philosophical narrative meant to probe the mind over anything else. (We guess.)
Like any of us, Franco — both the real and the fantasy incarnations — is not the same person he was a minute ago. The same goes for Lohan. And so the validity of one of pop culture's most important documents, however, does not change. LiFrancLogate 2K14 is in full force. The truth will prevail. (ONTD!)

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