And Now For An Important Reflection On LiLo’s OWN Series

lindsays1ep3.3.3-820x707Photo: Courtesy of GoFugYourself.
If we've learned one thing about Lindsay, OWN's new docuseries starring LiLo herself, it's that Oprah is not here to make friends.

On last night's episode, it was moving day for Linds. This means that she slowly walked around her apartment picking up and putting down various fabrics while the show's film crew unpacked boxes.
We find her assistant, Matt, moving in and out of the moving truck with boxes of her stuff. Will Matt last the season? Who knows? The episode builds, and we learn more about her sobriety and about a day in the life of Linds...until we finally get to Oprah.

Oprah delivers a gentle (albeit patently wonderful) smackdown. But, we don't want to spoil it for you. Head over to GoFugYourself for a seriously great and very in-depth recap of the episode. Unlike Lindsay, you won't be sorry you started all this drama with Oprah.

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