GMA Discovers Oil Pulling, Is Not Impressed

Leave it to the intrepid reporters at Good Morning America to be on top of their "Hot Health News." On the show today, newscasters reported on this strange thing called oil pulling that's sweeping the nation as the cure to everything that ails us. The only logical way to test this phenomenon? Forcing a contributor to swish on camera with what appears to be a full quarter cup of the stuff, to hilarious result.
To their credit, GMA does cover the full gamut of oil pulling, from the types of oils that can be used — of course, they refer to them as "cooking oils" to make the task seem as ridiculous as possible — and then goes into the different ailments that oil-pulling fans claim that the swishing can cure. (Don't miss the animated skull-and-bones bubble that pops up onto the screen when discussing the issue of toxicity!) They also got a dentist to weigh in on the proposed oral-hygiene benefits. Let's just say she was less than impressed by the trend.
Too bad their brave tester was so grossed out, she couldn't give a full review outside of a, "Gee, isn't this weird" angle. For the record, we'd say that our very own Connie handled the task with a bit less cheese and a whole lot more aplomb. (ABC News)

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