Ageism Is Driving Silicon Valley Techies Towards Plastic Surgery

There’s no denying the fact that our society is a little obsessed with maintaining a youthful appearance. And, while you may think this fixation only taps into the beauty and fashion markets, you’d be surprised to learn that the obsession extends to many professions, including the tech scene.
Yep, unless you’re a twentysomething techie, the startup landscape can be pretty cutthroat, as it's associated with an industry that places a sky-high value on the innovation, determination, readiness, and passion — all commonly associated with youth. This, unfortunately, creates some steep competition for anyone, you know, 30 and up. It’s gotten so demanding that some folks in Silicone Silicon Valley are seeking out plastic surgery to keep up a younger appearance.
According to The New Republic, Bay Area plastic surgeons are cashing in on this major uptick in non-invasive, gradual surgeries performed on techies. Plastic surgeon Dr. Seth Matarasso told The New Republic, "They can recover over the weekend and show up Monday morning looking like an ever-so-slightly more youthful version of themselves, as though they'd resorted to nothing more invasive than a Napa getaway." Well, that’s one way to look at it.

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