How Google Is Making Healthy Eating Easier

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It seems like every group of friends has one: that person who's an unbearable know-it-all about food. They know exactly how much magnesium is in a leaf of kale or how much sugar is packed into a kernel of corn. And, they have no qualms about smugly sharing this information, often unsolicited, with their posse over brunch.
For the rest of us, though, it can be difficult to remember exactly which fruits and veggies pack the greatest nutritional punch. But, thanks to a tip from the eagle-eyed folks at NPR, we found a seriously handy new Google feature that can answer all of your nutrition questions — so you don't have to ask your braggy friend. Just type the two foods you want to compare into your Google search box — we tried "compare carrots and sweet potatoes" and "compare bacon and ice cream," but any number of combos are possible. Hit enter, and you've got yourself a super-simple table comparing the two foods based on a variety of criteria.
We love how simple the feature is to use and that we have the ability to easily check the values for different serving sizes and, in the case of cooked foods, preparations. However, after playing with the app for a few minutes, we did notice that it's considerably more reliable with fresh produce. Still, for anyone who's trying to maximize fiber (or vitamin A or any other nutrient), this is a great learning tool. Just don't let it go to your head, okay? (NPR)

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