Watch Oprah Winfrey Get Real With Lindsay Lohan

Well, we knew it was coming. Ever since the trailer dropped for Lindsay Lohan's OWN docuseries, Lindsay, the only thing any of us wanted to see was the moment when Oprah Winfrey confronts Lohan about finally getting her act together. Except, Oprah doesn't exactly use such nice words.
The drama occurred after the 27-year-old actress decided she no longer wanted cameras around to document her road to sobriety. When the talk-show queen caught wind of Lohan's desire to shirk her commitment, she made the trip to Lohan's mom's house in Long Island to tell LiLo what it's like. Because, if there's one thing you don't do while on this earth it's cost Oprah Winfrey ratings.
Before taking Lohan to task, Winfrey started off her pep talk with the motherly warmth and compassion we've come to expect from her. "This is what I really want to say to you: If you're not ready, I'm really okay with that," she told an attentive Lohan. "If you're not ready to keep the commitment that you made with me and the rest of the crew, I really am. Because, when I said that in the interview, I know it was on television, I know we're on television now, but my truth is that I really do want you to win. I really do."
That's when things got real.
Lohan told Winfrey that she simply wasn't comfortable being filmed all the time, but Oprah just wasn't buying it, telling Lohan to "cut the bullsh*t." What happens next is must-see TV, which is exactly what Miss Winfrey was after when she decided to become LiLo's mentor/BFF/guardian angel. So, without further ado: the first-ever public Oprah F-bomb. We hope you enjoy it as much as Lindsay did.

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