Cloak Is The App For Avoiding Awkward Public Run Ins

mainPhoto: Courtesy of Cloak.
In an age where every sip of latte, glance in the mirror, and stroll down the street is documented and broadcasted to the world, there’s something endearing about being a little reclusive. (You didn’t think showing social media restraint was the answer, did you?) No, naturally, there’s an app for laying low, or at least avoiding folks you don’t want to run into in public.
According to The Daily Beast, we can avoid those random conversations with random co-workers, exes, or anyone you don’t fancy seeing in public with Cloak. The app pulls your friends’ check-ins across various social-media sites and lets you know down the exact street they’re posting from. (Meaning, you can kick the trusty, “turn the other corner” trick to the curb.) Seriously, this could be an end to awkward interactions as we know it — and every introvert's dream come true — but we could also see this as a sneaky tool if used recklessly. Ah, social media. You never cease to amaze us.

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