The Hair Tuck: The Trend That Just Won’t Quit

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The hair tuck, otherwise known as hiding the ends of long hair in the collar of a sweater or jacket to get a faux-bob look, is nothing new. The style has made appearances in fashion shoots and on runways for a few years now (our own Connie Wang covered the trend back in January 2012), and it doesn't seem to want to quit. Tory Burch featured the look at her fall '14 show. Hilary Rhoda admitted that before she got brave enough to make the big chop, she tested the look during this Net-A-Porter shoot. And, it also made an appearance on Miranda Kerr, with her ads in collaboration with H&M.
But, despite its ever-present popularity, the question remains: Will this look ever become more than fashion fodder? It looks super cool on Kerr as she poses just so with her tuxedo jacket draped over her shoulders or on models while they're stomping down the runway looking almost too fabulous to function. Still, is this a hairstyle that an everyday girl would ever wear on an average work day? I'm currently considering giving my medium-length locks a decent cut (this shot of January Jones is killing me softly), and, hey, I work in a creative environment, right? Maybe I could actually pull off the look without looking like a total poseur. So, I decided to explore The Tuck one morning last week.
The Tuck is the kind of hair that looks low-key, but is actually very high-maintenance. It's one thing to pin up your hair into a faux bob for the day — it's another to artfully arrange your ends into your collar. And, as I learned, it's not just a throw-your-jacket-on-and-go thing does. It takes artful tucking to get the look right and maintain it in said artful arrangement all day.
As Connie pointed out, this is may not be a hairstyle for a normal girl that, you know, moves throughout the day. (I like being able to put my hair up for yoga without having to use a million bobby pins.) Also, I hate the feeling of hair on my neck (part of the reason I love short hair). And, finally, there's something about it that is just a little too contrived for my taste. For that reason, I'm thinking that this might be one of those looks that will stay with the models and off the streets. (And, as my dear colleague Gabrielle Korn has pointed out, I really just need to man up and go for the chop, already.)
What do you think, readers? Would you take The Tuck for a test run? Have you already rocked the look and loved it? Give me all of your faux-bob feelings in the comments down below.

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