Children Behave: Game Of Thrones Spoilers Are The New Detention

got2Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Thank the gods we never went to school in Belgium. According to a report in the country's daily paper, Nieuwsblad, a local math teacher has devised a Lannister-like plan to keep his students in check: Using spoilers from George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series as punishment.
"How many of you watch Game of Thrones?" he asked his unruly pupils. When three quarters of the class raised their hands, he revealed that he had in fact finished all of Martin's books, and would spoil upcoming episodes of the HBO adaptation for his students if they continued to misbehave.
When the kids wouldn't quiet down, the teacher stayed true to his word and simply wrote the names of all the characters who die in season three on the blackboard. (For those who haven't seen it yet, we won't go into detail, but those of you who have know that it adds up to a rather shocking number.)
We can think a litany of cruel and unusual punishments for a rowdy class, but this one is like mental flaying. According to the story (which was first picked up by the French site DansTonChat), the tactic worked like a charm. And with season four set to get under way in just one week, the teacher in question has a whole new set of spoiler ammo, proving that there's more than one way to get students to hit the books. (io9)

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