Kevin Bacon Revives His Iconic Footloose Dance for Jimmy Fallon

Remember Footloose? Of course you do. The '80s flick may be 30 years old, but new generations discover it all the time thanks to cable reruns, and, of course, YouTube. While The Following may have formally submitted the 1984 film's central dance hero, Kevin Bacon, into the Serious TV Actor's Club (McConaughey presiding), he sure hasn't lost his groove. All it took was new Tonight Show host/gonzo music enthusiast Jimmy Fallon to prove it. And how do you coax Bacon to dance? You tell him it's illegal, of course.
"Sorry, but we have to follow the rules! No dancing!" Fallon mock shouted, to a series of audience boos. But no one puts Bacon in the corner (yes, we're mixing our '80s dance puns). "Jump back!" he exclaims, before launching into a pitch-perfect, whirlwind replication of his infamous Footloose dance sequence. Sure, there may have been a stunt double or two involved, but overall it was pretty flawless feat for a 55-year-old. Let's face it: you just didn't get this sort of surreal entertainment when Leno was king of late night, especially before the clock struck midnight. Watch Bacon cut loose below:

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