Christopher Walken's A Dancin' Machine, Video Proof Ahead

Christopher Walken, back in 2003, once got so bored sitting in a hotel lobby that he decided to stick it to the man and dance all over the hotel. He got so light on his feet that he broke into some P!nk-style aerial acrobatics. (Walken On Air seems like an appropriate title for his choreographic memoir, no?) Anyway, this early-aughts moment served as a reminder to us not to underestimate the power of Christoph Waltz Christopher Walken when it comes to dance.
Mama always said, "life is found in the dance between your deepest desire and your greatest fear." Okay, so that's actually a Tony Robbins saying. Anyway, Walken's a living and breathing testimony to that contemporary proverb. He's just so free! Watch how many craps he doesn't give whilst feeling the beat. The mashup below highlights the actor's best and most mesmerizing body movements. From Hairspray to Pulp Fiction, Walken can't keep still. The video compilation of those moments is pure gold. Though, it could use is a bit more (ahem) cowbell. (Huffington Post)
Video via YouTube.

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