Survey Says Tablets Are Better For Avid Readers — The Plot Thickens!

embedPhoto: Via Apple.
You know that eye-opening tome currently collecting dust on your nightstand? Well, the reason you may be avoiding its pages is because, well, it has pages. Hear us out, tech-repellers. A Quick Reads survey indicates that when you read on an iPad instead of cracking open a spine, you’re more likely to stick with the story all the way to "the end." Plus, folks that turn on the tablets tend to read more than those that prefer paper.
Why? Because nothing beats a free Fabio romance novel, that’s why. Surveyors explain that when users get complimentary access to e-books, they are inspired to read more frequently since they're grabbing a title they wouldn't have ordinarily picked up from a store or library. So, in order to achieve bookworm status, you might want to bite into an Apple of the tablet variety. (Wired)

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