Billy Dee Williams’ Dancing With The Stars Performance: Instantly Legendary

Billy Dee Williams' Dancing With The Stars performance last night was less a careful, studied execution of the cha-cha than a beautiful tribute to Star Wars that brought tears to our eyes. Still smooth as butter and handsome as the devil, Williams moved his hips to a disco version of the Star Wars theme dressed as his equally suave character, Lando Calrissian. Before he was joined onstage by his assigned dance partner (Emma Slater dressed as Princess Leia, natch), he tripped the light fantastic with old coworker, R2D2. Storm Troopers bobbed to the beat. Ewoks cheered from the audience. We smiled so hard, our faces almost exploded.
The judges...well...the judges weren't as impressed. They had a point; Billy Dee was a little, let's say, cautious with his dance moves. But, let's take age into consideration for a moment. Despite his timeless looks, Billy Dee Williams is 76. Also, he's had not one but two hip-replacement surgeries. And yet, as he proved on last night's Dancing With The Stars, Williams still has the keys to our 7-year-old hearts. Just watch that smile!
See the full performance in all its glory, right this way.
Video: Via YouTube.

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