Angelina Jolie Has Badass Wings, Loses Them In Maleficent Trailer

In addition to creating a new Twitter trending topic that viewers can chime in on (#MaleficentsWings), Disney's latest trailer highlights the story of how Jolie's villain lost her fairy wings. And, since we live in an age in which even trailers get trailers, the 30-second clip is all we have to show so far. Scratch all of that because the full two-minute trailer has arrived. Prepare yourself, folks, this one's a doozy!
In it, Angelina Jolie flies about, does some air acrobatics, and topples men over with her sinister looks powerful gusts of wind her former wings could generate at the, erm, drop of a feather. "I had wings once," we hear, our first taste of Jolie's alluringly dark Maleficent voice. "And, they were strong, but they were stolen from me." That, along with the brief, fantasy-laden visuals, is all we get for now. (Oh, and a look at the tiniest Jolie-Pitt looking up at her mom in full Mal regalia). The full trailer sheds a lot more light on Wingsgate 2014, plus, we're more than an earful of the curse Maleficent casts upon Aurora. Call us Sleeping Beauty addicts, but we'll consume anything Disney throws at us when it comes to this flick. Until its May 30 release date, we'll be stealing as many peeks we can.
Also, as an aside, might be suggest Red Bull? We hear that stuff gives you wings. And, if that's all this movie's about, well, consider the whole pricking a teenage girl's finger thing unnecessary.

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