You Can Now Stay At The Winchester Mansion — Nightmares DO Come True!

winchester-embedPhoto: Via Facebook/The Winchester Mansion.
Trying to jump-start your career as a bona fide ghost buster? This may be your chance. The notoriously spooky Winchester Mystery House is now going to let guests enter at their own risk to spend the night. Those that oversee the San Jose-based eerie estate have acquired a permit that will allow sleepovers. Um, we hope they invest in plenty of sheets because we just might wet the bed.
Whether or not you encounter any ghosts is a mystery, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any spirits of another variety. The Winchester has also secured a license to distribute alcohol, which is good because we don't know how else we'd get through the night. We’ll try to avoid ordering a Bloody Mary three times in a row. So, you can check in to this creepy manse, but with all those trick staircases and hallways that lead to nowhere, you may never leave. (NBC Bay Area)

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