Jimmy Kimmel Trolls SXSW Hipsters, & It’s Hilarious

When Jimmy Kimmel announced that he would be bringing his show to SXSW, our first thought was "Please, please, please do a Lie Witness News in which you ask hipsters if they're into made-up bands." As is usually the case, Kimmel did not disappoint.
For those unfamiliar with Kimmel's viral-friendly bit, here's the gist: A correspondent hits the streets and gets passersby to act like experts on something that doesn't really exist. For example, the Coachella edition of the segment featured clueless concertgoers commenting on made-up bands, with names like "Get The F*ck Out Of My Pool." The results are hilarious, shocking, and sad all at once. If it worked at Coachella, why not SXSW, a festival based around unearthing obscure bands and anointing them as "The Next Big Thing"? Here, patrons were almost too willing to comply. Then again, if you can't tell that "Willie Nelson Mandela" isn't actually a rap-country group, maybe you deserve to be laughed at. Watch the hilarity ensue below.

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