Why You Might Want To Break Up With An Only Child

embed-siblingsPhotographed by Rachelle Derouin.
Growing up with siblings isn’t as great as ’90s sitcoms like Full House would make you believe. Not all of us had adorable little sisters that said, "You got it, dude" to whatever we asked. Instead, we got hand-me-downs, shared beds, and decapitated Barbies (thanks for that, bro).

But, all those experiences make us better lovers — if we’re anything like flies, that is. According to a study from Oxford University, male insects with sisters behave less aggressively toward female flies when mating. Okay, yes, this is a study about flies. But we can't help thinking — all this time we've scrutinized how a man treats his mama, when the secret to chivalry might just come down to his sis. Click over to Nerve for the full story.

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