Get Prepped For Game Of Thrones With This Season 3 Video Recap

If the only thing you remember from the last season of Game of Thrones is a certain wedding that will go unnamed, fear not. HBO has you covered. With the premiere of season four just two weeks away, a 25-minute recap of the entire third season has been released on the official Game of Thrones YouTube channel.
If 25 minutes seems a bit excessive for a recap, remember it's Game of Thrones we're talking about here. More happens in Westeros in 60 minutes than on some shows' entire season. For instance, do you remember who tortured Theon all season and why? What about Sansa's arranged marriage? Who did she marry and did they eventually get it on? If the answers to these questions escape you, then do yourself a favor and watch the video. If, however, you were able to answer them with relative ease, then we officially declare you Game of Thrones' number one fan. As a reward, you get to watch the video below with the rest of us. See you on April 6.

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