Real Life Tinder Is Predictably Awful

We live in an age where our electronic devices are replacing our guts. Breakups over email and dirty talk via texting are all too easy when you're not actually standing in front of the person. Even dating (or hooking up) has been turned on its ear, thanks to apps like Tinder. With just the flick of a finger, you can anonymously pass on the suggested guys and gals within your radius, without them ever knowing how turned off you were. But, what if you had to deliver the bad news face-to-face?

The Huffington Post reported on a YouTube video — created by
Danish filmmaker Rolf Glumsoe Nielson — that showcases the superficial nature of Tinder. One by one, a woman knocks men out of both her virtual and real world, while the words "to the left, to the left" from Beyoncé's song "Irreplaceable" are cleverly placed as background music. The video also shows the harsh reality of non-reciprocal attraction. Just because you find someone to be good looking, doesn't mean the feeling is mutual. Check out the video below. (Huffington Post)


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