Frank Ocean Dropped Big Bucks At Chipotle, But Not On Burritos

frank_embedPhoto: BEImages/Gregory Pace.
Chipotle, the purveyor of all things Tex-Mex, doesn't have a problem getting people into its restaurants. Them margaritas, carnitas, and guac are catnip to the hungriest of stomachs. Frank Ocean, however, does not hear the burrito's call. Perhaps it's like the bell in The Polar Express: Once you stop believing Chipotle is authentic Mexican food, you stop going. Maybe? Not even $212,500 could get him to join forces with the chain.
Gawker reports that Chipotle paid the artist the aforementioned sum to record a cover of "Pure Imagination." He didn't. Fiona Apple did, though, and it went viral faster than one can answer "black or pinto?"
Well, Ocean paid the chain back in full and added a touching memo that read: "F*ck Off." Pure poetry from the man behind channel ORANGE. And, to think he could've brought home 20,238 chicken burritos with that money! Oh well, at least we now know the swiftest way to tell someone to stop bugging us. Thanks, Frank! (Gawker)

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