This Is Where You Intern If You Want To Get A Job

There's a lot of myth-making that surrounds the idea of a summer internship. Many fresh-faced college grads dream of New York-based internships at glamorous fashion magazines, while others fantasize about going to San Francisco to sip on kale smoothies all day with the tech-world elite. Unfortunately, that's rarely how internships actually play out. They're often a lot more grueling, demeaning, and disheartening, especially when they don't lead to paying jobs.
That begs the question: How many companies actually do hire their interns as full-time employees? And, which companies are likelier than others to do so? Well, it just so happens that the folks over at LinkedIn decided to find out. According to their study, 3.5 million LinkedIn members have held internships at one point or another, and only 600,000 of those have turned those internships into full-time jobs at the same company.
So, where should you look if you're determined to turn your internship into a paying career? According to LinkedIn, the accounting industry is where it's at, whereas government internships aren't nearly as promising. The retail realm is kind to eager interns looking for full-time employment but, nonprofit management, well, not so much. Check out LinkedIn's full internship infographic below.

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