Forbes Calls NYC The Most Overpriced City In America, But What’s The Cheapest?

rexusa_1810171cqPhoto: Paul Brown/REX USA.
If you plan on moving to New York City anytime soon, you better bust open that piggy bank, because it's going to cost you. In a recent study, Forbes confirmed what everyone pretty much already knew: New York City is the most overpriced city in America, tying with Honolulu for top dishonors.
Now Forbes is back with a new study for those of us who have grown too old to still live paycheck to paycheck and are interested in establishing some savings. After factoring in housing affordability with the cost of food, utilities, gas, transportation, medical care, and miscellaneous expenses, the list places Buffalo, New York as the most affordable city in America. The bad news is that Buffalo isn't exactly the most visually appealing city in the country. But, with all the money you'd save living there, you could afford to visit nearby Niagara Falls and pop for the short flight to NYC any time!
So, have we convinced you to move to Buffalo yet? Ok, good. Let us know how it is and we'll totally meet you there. We swear. Other affordable cities that made the list include Cincinnati (No. 3), Dayton (No. 4), Akron (No. 6), Toledo (No. 11), and Columbus (No. 20) — we get it, Forbes, Ohio's cheap. Check out the whole list here. (Forbes)

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