The Most Terrifying Cat Video Of All Time

1catsImage: Courtesy We Are Camera/YouTube.
If cats didn't already give you the creeps (sorry, but some of those guys are seriously spooky), they will now. The mad geniuses at We Are Camera Studio have replaced the velociraptors in one of Jurassic Park's most famous scenes with giant kittens. If that sounds cute and cuddly, you're wrong. Shudder.
While the cats themselves may look sweet, seeing them stalk and leap out at poor little Tim and Lex is the stuff of nightmares. Seriously, give us a dinosaur any day. At least there's no chance of running into one of them at our grandma's house or in our local quirky coffee shop. We repeat, shudder.
No offense to cat people, but we're totally Team Dog right now. God help us if a glass of water starts trembling the next time we're paying Nana a visit. Watch at your own risk. (Gawker)

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