Ralph Fiennes Wonders If We Even Need Gentlemen Anymore

Ralph Fiennes — Oscar nominee, Voldemort player, tricky name haver — is new to this whole Wes Anderson thing. In a filmic environment filled with close relationships and recurring players, Fiennes is the new kid, the talent tapped by Anderson as the fresh face to mix in with his regular collaborators. And, indeed, he is perfect for the part. In the role of Gustav H., a white-gloved concierge who brings a classic panache to The Grand Budapest Hotel, Fiennes is the ultimate gentleman. Sure, he is fussy, particular, and superficial, but he is also loyal, considerate, kind, and interested in a type of ritualistic decorum that seems nearly lost to time. This theme continually interests Anderson, and Fiennes captures its essence so well. What happens to a gentleman when times aren't gentle? And more importantly, should we even care? What the ever-gracious Fiennes has to say may shock you.
The Grand Budapest Hotel hits theaters Friday, March 7.

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