Lulu Just Made A MAJOR Change To Its Policy

mainPhoto: Courtesy of Lulu.
The first time we fiddled with the kiss-and-tell app Lulu, we were mystified by its spill-all format and anonymity, and somewhat concerned about its legality. Seriously, it didn’t seem like most ethical way to get dirt on dudes you’re dating. But, hey — we’ll roll with it.
According to Jezebel, since the much-chattered-about app hit the market months ago (and was thoroughly and notably addressed in The New York Times), it has become less transparent (and juicy) than it once was. The site stealthily rolled out the requirement for guys to opt-in to be featured on Lulu. That means, in order to even see any reviews of a potential paramour, the dude needs to actually sign up to be included. Womp womp.
This is a far cry from the app's origin, when it automatically pulled in all of your male Facebook friends and let you rate away. But, it's not a surprising change, either. After getting heat for its questionable methods, Lulu offered an easy way to opt out — a required opt-in was a natural next step. Sure, respecting a little thing called privacy might make the app slightly less fun, but we're all for not treading in those morally murky waters. (Jezebel)

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