Kristin Davis Regrets Her Sex And The City Stilettos

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In a city of eight million people, sometimes it's hard to stay on your feet. Especially when you're a woman in Manhattan. Teetering in a pair of Manolo Blahniks that put her at eye level with the Empire State Building, Charlotte York truly was an uptown girl. But, is it true, that the higher the heel, the higher a New York woman's social status and style? And, if we wear flats, does that mean we really fall flat?

Kristin Davis regrets the message the shoes of Sex and the City sent to viewers. Now a self-proclaimed wearer of flats exclusively, Davis feels the show's sky-high stilettos and spikes conveyed just one take on feminine style.
Out of the four lusty ladies of SATC, Davis certainly played the most conservative role. Her character, Charlotte York, was playfully mocked by her female cohorts for her (relative) prudishness and traditional values toward love and sex, but when it came to footwear, the same shoe fit for all the girls.
Styled by the zany genius Patricia Field, the shoes on SATC matched the sexual exploits of the women who wore them; they were fun, bold, outlandish, and sometimes painful. Davis doesn't deny the glamour and high fashion of the footwear option, but feels the styling choices gave the impression that women should be wearing heels every day.

Davis doesn't stand (in comfortable flats) alone in her opinion. Karl Lagerfeld recently sent models down the runway in sneakers, and Dior just debuted sporty slip-ons for Fall 2014. Stilettos for sneakers may just become a popular switch, which means a present-day Carrie Bradshaw may be found fogging up the windows of Niketown, whispering sweet nothings to a pair of silver Dunks.
(Daily Mail)

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