Amanda Bynes Is Back On Twitter

amanda insidePhoto: REX USA/Everett Collection
Like a Robin's first song of spring breaking the winter gray, a short little tweet from Amanda Bynes has broken the starlet's silence and revived her long-dormant Twitter account.
"Hi everyone! I'm busy studying at @FIDM but I want to say I love you to my fans! Xoxo Amanda," Ms. Bynes cheerily shared in under 140 characters.
The former Nickelodeon actress was placed under a psychiatric hold in July 2013, and since her release from rehab early last December, we've heard not a peep nor a tweet from Bynes. But now, she has cleaned up both her act and her Twitter account, deleting the string of controversial posts that made her social media presence so infamous.
Bynes' profile now identifies her as a student at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, and her longterm academic plan is rumored to involve a clothing line. Hopefully, that product development plan will also develop a new line of tweets. So, she seems to have left bongs and blue wigs behind, and is moving through 2014 with clarity and ambition.
Though her own fashion label sure would be great for Amanda, we'd love to see a reprise of the delightfully bizarre Amanda Show. That may be a lofty wish, however; the dancing lobsters and quirky characters Penelope Taynt and Judge Trudy have been retired. We're just glad to see the real Amanda back.

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