New Girl: Or, My Love Letter To Nick Miller

1Photo: Courtesy of FOX.
Full disclosure: We love TV. So much so that sometimes we'd rather spend a whole weekend in front of the tube than dancing at da club until 3 a.m. Feeling left out because you canceled cable? No problem! You can get by just fine on Netflix, Hulu, and the myriad other streaming services rapidly taking over the home-entertainment industry (thank you, Internet!).
Some shows are just better when binge-watched. Whether it's the latest BBC comedy, a PBS miniseries from the '70s, or just that cultish show prematurely scrubbed from a network — we're hooked on the stream. So, we're unrolling Staying In(stant), a new feature highlighting the best of streaming content. Each week, we bring you a show we're obsessed with and think you should be, too.
This week? New Girl — the show to watch when three-dimensional company just won't cut it.
Where To Watch: Netflix
How I Got Hooked: Let me paint you a little picture. Over the holidays I moved from New York to Los Angeles but — thanks to a few mishaps with a moving company that I shall not name — my stuff did not. At least, not for the first couple weeks. So, there I sat in my disarmingly large L.A. apartment (for a New Yorker, at least), with nothing more than two pairs of yoga pants, some Christmas sweaters, a laptop, and an internet connection.
There was no chance of venturing out in public for entertainment (see aforementioned wardrobe options) so what was I to do? Turn to Netflix, of course. Best decision ever. Thanks to my predicament I made six of the best friends a girl could have: Jess, Cece, Schmidt, Coach, Winston, and Nick Miller. But, most importantly, Nick Miller.
Best Episode: Asking me to choose my favorite episode of New Girl is like asking Kris Jenner to choose her favorite cash-cow daughter — but harder. Maybe I just have a low laughter threshold, but I have literally cracked completely up at every single minute of this show. However, "Menus" (season three, episode eight) contains many of my favorite claaaassic Nick Miller moments. It starts off with the groundbreaking "Don't mind if I brunch!" which is quickly becoming my personal motto.
After indulging in a few too many morning dumplings (yes, Nick Miller eats Chinese takeout before 8 a.m., deal with it), Nick agrees to let Coach give him a personal-training session. He's in search of some abs because, as he says, "I thought God just didn't give me those." Cue one of the most hilarious montages in the show's history. Nick dancing to "Work B*tch?" Sign. Me. Up. Some stuff happened with the other characters, too, but honestly I wasn't really paying attention.
Why You'll Love It: I literally do not know how I lived for so long without this show. I feel like the loft gang, as one, is my spirit animal and we're tied together by a love of booze and not knowing WTF we're doing with our lives. Nick Miller isn't exactly my type, but for some reason I found myself instantly attracted to him on first watch. Insanely attracted. I can't explain it, but isn't that how all great love is? Schmidt's endless array of one-liners is nothing to scoff at, either.

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