Another Day, Another Sexy Scott Eastwood Photo Shoot

3Photo: Courtesy of Man of the World.
Okay, seriously guys, what is in the water over there in Carmel? And, how do we get our hands on it? Every time we see a new picture of Scott Eastwood, our minds get blown a little more. This time around, he's modeling for Man of the World magazine and he's looking as good as ever. He sports his signature scruff and slicked-back hair, and is more smoldering than the coals at the bottom of the campfire we imagine he just built with the cunning skill of a true outdoorsman.
The mag dressed him up in fancy tuxes and suits for the interior shots, but he goes casual in a red jacket for the cover. Yes, we will join you for a quick sail this afternoon, Scott. An inside feature shares Eastwood's feelings on growing up with a famous dad, and what it's like to try and make it as an actor. "Some of my earliest memories are being on set with my dad," he told the mag. "That was just work — busy people all over the place with no noticeable degree of difference between them. There wasn't some unusual quality called fame. Even when I eventually got camera time, I didn't get special treatment. If anything, my dad was harder on me."
Click through to see all of his oh-so-beautiful portraits, and let's give thanks for Scott Eastwood today. (E! Online)
1Photo: Courtesy of Man of the World.
2Photo: Courtesy of Man of the World.

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