Sky Ferreira Strips It Down For “Rancid Girl”

In the land of leaks and monster on-schedule singles, the former is typically more exciting. Leaks have an air of inclusivity that makes them a for-the-people gem we can really get behind. And, when it's an artist whose label has pushed and shoved their work around to the point of being offensive, like Sky Ferreira, you cherish an under-the-radar release even more.
"Rancid Girl" was never supposed to be released, but here we are. It's a toned-down acoustic track that finds Ferreira at her most Ferreira. The alt-girl vibe is turned way up even though the song itself is quiet — it could easily fit on an MTV Unplugged special if they were still, you know, unplugged. Plus, Ferreira doesn't seem to care too much that it's floating around in the ether. She tweeted her indifference today, and the rest is history. Hey, maybe we'll get a B-Sides album soon — fingers crossed! (Stereogum)

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