“Kninkles,” The Newest Body-Shaming Pun, Is Here

_MG_9920_ErinYamagataPhotographed by Erin Yamagata.
Isn't it so fun that no matter how ardently we stick to our body-positive feelings, the world just keeps throwing insults back at us? Take, for example, kninkles. This shame-pun appeared in The Daily Mail and is defined as "saggy, wrinkly knees."
Don't worry, though. If you suffer from this as a result of having a body that ages, there's a quick fix. And, when we say quick, we mean it. It takes reportedly between one and 1/2 hours to get your upper-knee skin zapped. Yes, before we even had time to register that saggy knees are something we should be concerned about, some entrepreneurial individual has already concocted a high-priced "fix" for them. Yay?
According to The Daily Mail, "The non-surgical procedure uses a combination of the infrared light, vacuum, and bi-polar radio frequency to cause deep heating of the fat cells and the surrounding connective and underlying collagen fibres." This is supposed to result in a lifting effect, which we can only hope doesn't impact one's ability to, you know, use their knees to walk.
At $500, it doesn't come cheap. Luckily, we think our lives will somehow go on without it. (Daily Mail)

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