Pippa Middleton: That Dress Fit “A Little Too Well”

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Being a bridesmaid is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, it's wonderful to stand next to your friend as she marries, but what you have to wear on the happy day is something else entirely. Nine times out of 10, despite everything they tell you, you will not wear that gown again. Though Pippa Middleton may beg to differ on that point.
The little sister of the Duchess of Cambridge may actually be the only woman in living memory who not only looked stunning at her sister’s wedding, but also managed to a launch a career out of it. The Evening Standard reveals, though, it wasn’t all smooth sailing.
This week, Middleton was guest speaker at a Women in Communications and Advertising event at the Savoy Hotel, and she was remarkably candid about the impact the dress has had on her life. “As I have found out, recognition has its upside, its downside and — you may say — its backside.” Referring to the subsequent furor over her behind in the Alexander McQueen tailored gown she wore to the royal wedding, Middleton conceded that while she was glad it fit: “In retrospect, it fitted a little too well.”
But, was that such a big problem? Millions of people searched for pictures of Pippa following the 2011 nuptials, and as a result she did secure a book deal and columns in Vanity Fair and Waitrose magazines. Although none of these ventures have been huge successes for her, perhaps she's got a future in public speaking. The Twitter reactions from the event were positively glowing. (The Evening Standard)

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