Lena Dunham Is Finally Hosting SNL On March 8

rexusa_1894698iPhoto: Can Nguyen/REX USA.
It's a wonder it's taken so long for this to happen, but Lena Dunham is finally hosting Saturday Night Live. The Girls star will grace the hallowed stage of Studio 8h on March 8 and will be joined by fellow first timers The National.
We know Dunham is a huge fan of SNL, considering she admitted to feeling honored when her show was spoofed in the season premiere. Newcomer Noelle Wells killed it as the Girls mastermind, and we'd love to see real Dunham square off with fake Dunham in one of SNL's signature "the impressionist meets the impressionee" sketches. We're also rooting for the return of Tina Fey's Blerta, the Albanian immigrant who injected some much needed diversity into the gang. As the two most powerful female showrunners on television, Dunham and Fey have become fast friends, so don't be surprised if Fey does indeed make a cameo. Dunham is also expected to inject her own signature brand of comedy into the proceedings. The talented writer will no doubt be an active participant in crafting the episode's lineup, so expect at least one sketch about a sheltered narcissist trying to make it on her own in the big city.
SNL returns next week for its first show of the post-Seth Meyers era, with Jim Parsons set to host, and Beck joining him as musical guest. (Variety)

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