The Trailer For Silicon Valley Is All Kinds Of Hilarious

We only needed to see a glimpse of Mike Judge’s new show, Silicon Valley, to realize it’s by far the best rendition of techies on TV, ever (but then again, the bar wasn’t high). Well, the last blink-and-you’ll-miss-it clip of the show was good, but HBO has gone and done better, dropping a longer 2.0 trailer.
Full of binary-code references infused with expletives and anxiety-induced vomiting, Silicon Valley is a parody on the tech set and we loved every second of it. Thomas Middleditch (The Wolf of Wall Street) plays a frustrated coder who enlists help from his pals to make his lofty professional hopes come true. We’re assuming that’s when the shenanigans begin. And, if anyone can make that world look enviable, it's the coder who waxes poetic at the end of the clip: "It's not magic — it's talent and sweat. That's what the f*ck we do." We’re setting our DVR for April 6, like now.

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