Kate Mara, Various Attractive Males Join Fantastic Four Cast

rexusa_1920587dPhoto: Rex USA.
We're coming out of the closet on this one: We're loving comic-book movies. And now, according to Variety, some of our favorite rising actors are joining the world of big-screen pulp adventure.
Kate Mara, coming right out of her fantastic turn in House of Cards, just signed on to the cast of the new Fantastic Four reboot slated for release in June 2015. She will play Sue Storm, an adventurer also known as "Invisible Woman," who, thanks to a cosmic accident, becomes — wait for it! — an invisible woman.
Joining her will be Miles Teller (That Awkward Moment) as her boyfriend/husband Reed, "Mr. Fantastic" Richards, Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot, Nymphomaniac) as Ben "The Thing" Grim, and Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station, Friday Night Lights) as Johnny "The Human Torch" Storm. Interestingly, Mara and Jordan will play an ethnically diverse brother-and-sister team, unlike in the comics where both Storms are white. It's a welcome, inclusive move from Fox studios.
Just to catch you up, the Fantastic Four are a group of intergalactic scientists and adventurers who accidentally acquire the powers of shape-shifting, invisibility, invulnerability, and control of fire — one supernatural power apiece. Got it?
The film also marks another step in the continued trend of using quality actors and directors (in this case Chronicle's Josh Trank) in superhero films, once almost exclusively the territory of underwhelming talent. Given that Guardians of The Galaxy trailer we saw the other day, we're excited for another round of sci-fi comic book adventure. (Variety)

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