Angel Haze & Sia Kill It In The New "Battle Cry" Video

hazeinsideimage: via vevo.
Angel Haze has had her demons. And, in the newly released video for her song "Battle Cry," featuring Sia, Haze uncovers her painful past of abuse, self-harm, and radical faith. The video is raw and difficult to watch. But, Haze is showing viewers and listeners the origins of the fierce drive and relentlessness she exhibits in both her art and personal life today.
The set for the music video is minimal. It features Haze walking along an empty desert highway, toward the camera and past staged sets of her childhood. These moments are tough, but she keeps on moving with a confidence and self-assuredness pointed only toward the future.
Sia's chorus truly is a battle cry throughout the song. Her haunting and heart-wrenching tone fits the unfiltered, honest narrative Haze is telling. The duo is a perfect marriage of silk and steel, seamlessly moving between moments of pain and beauty.
Angel Haze continues to be a symbol of strength and fearlessness. She is unapologetic and true, and she rejects conventional expectations and labels. At just 22 years old, the young lyricist has fought on too many battlefields. She may not have walked away unscathed, but today she stands resolute, with an unwavering optimism for the future. We know we're going to see only more greatness from Angel Haze in 2014.

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