Hump, Marry, Kill: Olympic Snowboarders’ Instagrams Are Amazing

HMK_bodyPhoto: via @stalesandbech; Courtesy of Comedy Central; Craig Blankenhorn/HBO.
Hump: I have a new obsession, and it’s called “Olympic snowboarders’ Instagrams.” Their lives look amazing. They’re so carefree; just gallivanting all over the globe, jumping off cliffs here and romping through fresh powder there. It’s a sun-drenched, magical-looking existence, especially to someone who hasn’t left her apartment all day due to yet another snowstorm. And, when they win Olympic medals, they take selfies where they look like Hanson reincarnated. Mmmbop, y’all.
Marry: OMG, if you haven’t already seen Buddy Cole’s dispatches from the Olympics on Colbert, stop everything you’re currently doing and press play below. And, if you aren’t familiar with Buddy and The Kids in the Hall, get thee to YouTube like, yesterday. Their entire movie, Brain Candy, is here.

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Kill: Listen, I like Jenna Lyons. I admire her career trajectory very much, especially as a fellow tall person. But, as someone who struggles daily with Hannah’s problem on this week’s episode of Girls (now there’s a statement I never thought I’d hear myself make) — finding time to write more creative things about which you are truly passionate versus copywriting for The Man — it was very, very difficult to see her dreams and desires so dismissively blown off by Lyons’ character as a no-nonsense GQ boss. Again, please don’t pillory me or bar me from J.Crew; it’s just the character, and not Lyons, with whom I take issue.

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