This Magic Candle Is The Coolest Thing We’ve Seen All Year

benjamin-shine-rekindle-candlestick-holder-2Photo: Courtesy of Benjamin Shine.
Ever since we were little, we've wished for three things. First, peace on earth, because obviously. Second, we'd want to end world hunger, because double obviously. But, third, and this is where we get kind of selfish, we'd want a candle that magically regenerates as it melts. Now, thanks to designer Benjamin Shine, our third wish has finally come true.
Well, sorta.
Shine's Rekindle candlestick holder collects the wax as the candle it's holding burns. All you have to do is insert a new wick, and voilà, you have a reusable candle. Obviously, this can't go on forever because candles get smaller every time they melt, but it should give you at least a dozen moody lighting sources for the price of one. Now that our third wish has finally come true, we're relying on you, Bono, to make the other two happen. Good luck, friend. (PSFK)

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