Rad or Bad: A Heart-Shaped Bun

Valentine's Day is coming. We know it. You know it. And, while some of us are all fired up about the situation, others take it as an opportunity to do stay indoors and watch horror movies. Either way you choose to celebrate the Super Bowl of Relationships, we'd like to submit an item for your review — or, rather, a hairstyle: the heart-shaped bun.
The Beauty Department posted this sweet tutorial on how to shape your mane into the ultimate Valentine, and it's pretty. Really pretty. It's also easy, which doesn't hurt. The question: Will you rock this on February 14?
Look around your desk. Do you have red-foil glitter and paper hearts all over? Are you chilling your ice cubes into little hearts? Have you threatened your significant other with specifications of the correct flowers to send to your workplace? Could your coworkers be secretly plotting your murder? In other words, are you taking it too far?
On the other hand, for those who wear all black with a single red armband in protest of the onslaught of flowers, candy, and on-demand love sentiments, this may be your one nod to the holiday. Still yet are those who could take or leave the holiday and just want to do something fun with their manes. Any way you look at it, your opinion counts.
Do you heart this coronary coiff, or should we put a kibosh on the sweetheart upsweep? Let's hear it in the comments below. (The Beauty Department)

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