The Bizarre Harper’s Bazaar Shoot With Stephanie Seymour & Sons

1Photo: Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar.
Okay, this is a tough one. Harper's Bazaar just released a sure-to-be-controversial spread from their latest issue. It features supermodel Stephanie Seymour (she of iconic "November Rain" fame), posing alongside her sons Peter Brant Jr. and Harry. On a purely aesthetic level, everyone looks great. The Brant brothers are pretty adorable and 45-year-old Seymour has a totally rockin' bod.
But, it's the overtly sexual tone of the shoot that has us feeling a little iffy. Seymour is clad in bondage-style leather while her sons get very up close and personal. To be fair, some shots are less disturbing than others — in a few, the family is simply goofing around and having fun — but the others?
The whole thing feels even more icky with the memory of the beach images that Gawker ran a few years ago, in which Stephanie and a then 18-year-old Peter were snapped with their faces — and mouths — in what seemed a near make-out. At the time, mother and son claimed that the shots were taken out of context, but it's unsettling nonetheless.
2Photo: Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar.
Now, for the sake of fair reporting, we should mention that the accompanying profile by writer Derek Blasberg showed a completely different side of the family — a pretty sweet one at that. It portrays the not-quite-typical upbringing of the Brant brothers, regaling us with tales of the two of them dressing their mother up in couture for the PTA. It's clear that the three of them have an extremely close and nurturing relationship — but then you see the photo shoot and you question the extent of "extremely close."
Clearly, Harper's Bazaar was aiming to do something controversial that would slap us in the face with sexuality. But the question is: Did they go too far? Let us know what you think. (Harper's Bazaar)

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