Mia Wasikowska Keeps It Surreal For AnOther

mia001Photo: Courtesy of AnOther Magazine.
Mia Wasikowska is on the verge of — something. She's one of Tinseltown's quietest exhilarators delivering powerhouse performances every time she graces the silver screen. And, yet, she's as enigmatic and ethereal as her own personal aesthetic. Who is Mia Wasikowska outside of a stunningly unforgettable force that, when the credits begin to roll, recedes behind a veil of mystery? AnOther's Hannah Lack set out to find out more about this inscrutable starlet for the publication's newest issue.
Wasikowska lets Lack in to a certain extent. The actress talks adolescence, her fear of the teenage years, and why she's "plagued" by the idea of maturity. "I didn’t have a typical teenagehood, so I have a lot of repressed rebellious teen left over," she confesses. "Every now and then I’ll act out in some unusual way." What that means is anyone's guess since she's such a pro at keeping clear of controversy.
And, that's just great. She might feel torn between adulthood and rebellion, but she's definitely found a footing in Hollywood. Wasikowska's got three films coming out this spring, with Only Lovers Left Alive being the first. It's so subtle you might have missed it, but this is the year of Wasikowska. And, that's just the way she'd like it to be — the quiet top dog dressed in couture.
mia000Photo: Courtesy of AnOther Magazine.
"I’m finding I’m becoming more and more impulsive. The more I jump into things, the less pressure I feel. I feel so much calmer about the future. If films continue to happen, that’s nice. But, I'm happy in my little apartment. Now, I think, I’ll just take it as it comes."
For the full interview, pick up the spring/summer '14 issue of AnOther on February 13.

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