Jenna Lyons Reveals How Her Girls Cameo Tonight Came To Be

Seeing J.Crew Group CEO Mickey Drexler pay for a car wash on Breaking Bad was pretty exciting. But, seeing J.Crew creative director and all-around style muse Jenna Lyons score a role in Girls? Well, that's just the icing on Hannah Horvath's cake.
Lyons will make her acting debut in tonight's episode, which sees her playing a GQ editor inspired by a certain specs-wearing career woman (who could that be?). Though she hasn't seen the episode, the designer tells The Cut that she was "so honored" to get the role, which came about after striking up a "text friendship" with Lena Dunham.
"So she [Dunham] texted me when I was in Barcelona and said, 'I'm working on a character and it's kind of modeled after you and we're trying to get you to play it, would you do it,'" Lyons recalls. "And I literally wrote back expletive yes! Without even thinking about it. After I sent that I thought, Oh gosh, maybe I should have asked what my role is? Needless to say, she sent me the script and I was so excited. To see my name on it? It was incredible, absolutely incredible."
Clearly, these two have formed a mutual appreciation society. "What's amazing about Lena is I feel like her enthusiasm and her warmth is so genuine and not at all manufactured," Lyons says. "Her passion for what she's doing, her passion and interest in what other people are doing and what their lives are, is genuine."
Oh, and that controversial Vogue shoot? "I mean I am so thrilled with all the hullabaloo with the airbrushing and I just looked at the picture on the cover of Vogue and thought she looked incredible and stunning and she looked like her," she adds. "That's a face she would make and it had irony and wit and charm and beauty in it, all the things that she is. I was so happy with that photo." There you go, kids. If it's good enough for Jenna, it's good enough for us. (The Cut)

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