David Beckham’s New Football Club Will Not Be Named “Golden Balls”

rexusa_1858927bPhoto: Healthcliff O'Malley/REX USA.
David Beckham hasn’t turned his back on the beautiful game just yet. Fresh from wowing us with his fashion prowess, the former footballer announced his plans to start his very own major league football franchise, which will be based in Miami.
Beckham told BBC Sport: “We're planning to bring a team that will be a global team. I want to create a team that we can start from scratch and I am going to work hard for this city to make this team very successful. It is an exciting time.” And, the sporting legend made it clear that this isn’t a pet project. He wants to turn on America to the sport he holds so dear, which means nurturing homegrown talent: “The one thing I want to achieve is to set up a kids' academy. We want local talent, not just great players from abroad,” he says, “The way the U.S. team improved has been incredible, and the only way that will continue is to have good academies."
What’s still to be decided is the name. But, as the Mirror reports, first to be struck off the list is Golden Balls FC, the nickname Victoria Beckham gave him when they first started dating. “I want it to be right. I know how important a name is to the city and the fans. We have a number of ideas,” he reveals, “Someone actually said, ‘Is it going to be Golden Balls FC’ today, which it’s definitely not.” Boo. We think that name’s got kind of a ring to it. To the comments section with your suggestions! (The Mirror)

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