Prince Made The New Girl Fall In Love Last Night

So, "Purple Rain" didn't fall on the New Girl set, but a Prince did appear. Be it by magic or time machine, His Royal Badness arrived to color the lives of Jess and co. in a sweet shade of aubergine and silver. His 'fro was big, and his presence was even bigger. (For such a tiny guy, Prince manages to steal the show wherever he goes — even from the very stars he was hired by.)
Anyway, Prince gave New Girl audiences a little taste of the Prince-life for the show's post-Super Bowl episode. True to the buzz, Prince threw one of his famed all-night ragers soirees. He glittered, he performed, and Deschanel sang, because singing with Prince while wearing a sparkly head chain is just so quirky! Okay, all sarcasm aside, even sharing a room with The Purple One would be a pop-culture honor; so, you go, Zooey Deschanel, good for you.
Check out the performance below — it's the closest thing many of us will ever get to partying with Prince. (That'd make quite a memoir, wouldn't it?) Plus, we're getting a chance to hear what can only be new material from the icon. "Don't U Wanna Fall In Luv 2nite?" Well, we weren't expecting to on a Monday, but we'll buy it. (Vulture)
Opening Photo: Courtesy of Fox.

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