Advice From Ira Glass Gets Some Fancy Typography Treatment

1ira2Image: Courtesy of Daniel Sax.
Sure, there are the Channing Tatums and Ryan Goslings of the world. For us, though, nothing says "dream husband material" like the (alas, married) Ira Glass. Not only is the host of NPR's This American Life droll, sharp, informed, and in possession of the world's foxiest eyeglasses, but he's also a sage advice giver. His series on great storytelling is essential research for anyone who ever feels like sharing an anecdote, ever. Now, German designer Daniel Sax is taking those words of wisdom and illustrating them in a truly unique form.
Sax created a video in which specific quotes from the storytelling series are expressed through typography, like, say, ketchup scrawled across a bowl of spaghetti. "Disappointment" is carved into a cucumber. "Taste" is spray painted on a hotel art painting. Even an American Psycho-style business card comes into play.
If you're needing some creative inspo, click through to watch the video in full. Between thoughtful words and clever typography, this truly is food for the creative soul. (Fast Co. Design)

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