Your Month In Weird Holidays: February 2014

Love is in the air; can't ya feel it? No? Here in New York, we're feeling more cold than an 'ole romance, but we've been told that if we imagine it, we'll feel it. Anyway, welcome to February, the month of all things heart-shaped, chocolate covered, and annoyingly cuddly (lookin' at you teddy bears). Valentine's Day is nigh, otherwise known as Singles Awareness Day. That, however, is merely a mentality. Change your way of thinking (or really own National Satisfied Singles Day on the 11), and you'll find there's a ton to be joyful about this month.
February also means Fashion Week on Fashion Week, but these ten weird, random holidays provide a nice break from all the stress that inevitably comes with putting together the perfect outfit daily. (Hey, we've gotta get that street-style snap somehow.) Time to grab that planner, open your calendar, and set some reminders because these are the days to know.

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