Dairy May Be The Cause Of All Your Acne Woes

Quiz time for you long-term readers. Remember when we made the case that, contrary to popular opinion, dairy might actually be pretty terrible for you? Well, beauty writer Annie Tomlin has made a convincing case for ditching dairy for good today over at xoJane. Tomlin claims that, after 20 years of battling acne, the one thing that cleared up her skin was cutting dairy completely out of her diet.
In her essay, Tomlin describes the myriad solutions she tried in an attempt to clear up her cystic acne — Retin-A Micro, Differin, Ziana, Avita, Tazorac, and more — all to no avail. When her only option was to try Accutane, the writer resisted, fearing the potential side effects. Determined to get to the root of what was actually causing her acne (rather than just treating her symptoms), Tomlin started paying attention to her diet and realized with alarm that there was an undeniable connection between her dairy intake and the state of her skin. So, she went cold turkey — no cheese, no milk, no nothin'. And, happily, she soon began to reap the complexion-related rewards. (See that breathtaking photo of her pristine complexion.)
Diplomatic beauty maven that she is, Tomlin admits that her no-dairy regimen might not be for everyone (and there currently isn't any real scientific research supporting it), but it's simply the solution that worked for her. What do you think, readers? Would you be willing to give up your beloved cheese in the name of a clear complexion? (xoJane)

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